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Luxury Cars For Rent in Islamabad

Drive your drеаm car in Islamabad. Сhооsе саrs frоm рrеmium brаnds likе Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Ford, and much more.

In case you’re looking to ride in a luxury car, you can consider hiring a profеssiоnаl сhаuffеur sеrviсе. Get a handsfree experience right from your аirроrt tеrminаl, hоtеl, the villa at your preferred time 24×7.

Rent a Car Islamabad Rates

View Rent a car Islamabad Rawalpindi rates. We are proud to give quality Car Rental services and keep the cost affordable. We offer the lowest rates in Islamabad and Rawalpindi with a 100% Guarantee. Book your car now!

1 TOYOTA COROLLA 2019-2020 GLI+XLI Rs. 5,500/- Rs. 6,000/- ON CALL ON CALL
2 TOYOTA COROLLA 2015-2018 GLI+XLI Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 5,500/- ON CALL ON CALL
3 TOYOTA COROLLA 2013-2014 GLI+XLI Rs. 4,500/- Rs. 5,000/- ON CALL ON CALL
4 HONDA BRV 2019 Rs. 6,500/- Rs. 7,000/- ON CALL ON CALL
5 HONDA CIVIC 2019-2020 Rs. 7,500/- Rs. 8,500/- ON CALL ON CALL
6 HONDA CIVIC 2014-2015 Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 5,500/- ON CALL ON CALL
7 CROWN 2020 Rs. 40,500/- Rs. 50,500/- ON CALL ON CALL
8 SUZUKI APV 2018 Rs. 5,500/- Rs. 6,000/- ON CALL ON CALL
9 PRADO Tx 2018-2019 Rs. 16,000/- Rs. 19,000/- ON CALL ON CALL
10 PRADO 2007-2009 Rs. 10,000/- Rs. 13,000/- ON CALL ON CALL
11 LAND CRUISER ZX V8 2013 Rs. 20,500/ Rs. 23,500/- ON CALL ON CALL
12 VIGO 2015 Rs. 7,500/- Rs. 9,500/- ON CALL ON CALL
13 MERCEDES C200 2020 Rs. 25,500/- Rs. 30,500/- ON CALL ON CALL
14 COASTER SALOON 2018 Rs. 10,000/- Rs. 11,500/- ON CALL ON CALL
15 HIROOF Rs. 9,500/- Rs. 10,500/- ON CALL ON CALL
16 HONDA CITY 2015 Rs. 3,500/- Rs. 4,000/- ON CALL ON CALL
17 NISSAN JUKE 2014 Rs. 5,500/- Rs. 6,000/- ON CALL ON CALL
18 SUZUKI WAGONR 2019 Rs. 3,000/- Rs. 3,500/- ON CALL ON CALL
19 SUZUKI ALTO 2016 Rs. 3,000/- Rs. 3,500/- ON CALL ON CALL
20 SUZUKI CULTUS 2018 Rs. 3,000/- Rs. 3,500/- ON CALL ON CALL
21 VITZ 2015 Rs. 3,500/- Rs. 4,000/- ON CALL ON CALL
22 AUDI A3 2019 Rs. 22,500/- Rs. 25,500/- ON CALL ON CALL
23 AUDI A6 2018 Rs. 40,500/- Rs. 45,500/- ON CALL ON CALL
24 REVO 2018 Rs. 10,500/- Rs. 12,500/- ON CALL ON CALL
25 GRAND CABIN/HIACE 2018 Rs. 7,500/- Rs. 8,500/- ON CALL ON CALL
26 COASTER SALOON Rs. 10,000/- Rs. 11,500/- ON CALL ON CALL

Best Car Rental Company in Islamabad

You need a car for your transportation when you are in Islamabad. It doesn’t matter whether you are a local, tourist or you want to hire a car for your company. Having a conveyance to move from one point to another in Islamabad not only saves time but also provides full comfort and privacy. Capitalcabs.pk is the leading car rental service in the capital. Rent a Car Islamabad is now no hassle and is known for the highest quality customer service. The company Rent a Car Islamabad has a large fleet of cars to suit your requirements. You can ask for a small and fuel-efficient car, sedan or SUV for total comfort and luxury for yourself and your family members.

We have cars made by Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, Land Cruiser, Lexus, Suzuki, and many other large automobile companies for our customers. Just let us know the car company and the model and the car of your choice is delivered to your address in just a few minutes. Capital Cabs make sure that you are picked up and dropped at the right place and transported on the roads of Islamabad in total comfort and convenience

Rent a car Islamabad with driver

Islamabad Airport Car Rental

We are always ready to pick and drop you off at the airport. We provide car hire services 24 hours per day and 7 days a week on Islamabad in Pakistan. The airport pick and drop charges are inclusive.

Professionally Trained Drivers

Furthermore, our, licensed drivers are trained to strictly adhere to Pakistani traffic laws and offer professional service at all times.

Lowest Rent a Car Islamabad Rates

We provide cars with drivers for rent in Islamabad. Our fleet includes well-maintained economy and luxury cars on rent including Honda’s City, Corolla GLI, Toyota Altis Grande, Vitz, Land Cruiser, Prado, Vigo, Rivo, and Toyota’s Coaster.

Well maintained vehicles

Our vehicles are well maintained and fully luxury cars that make your journey comfortable and memorable. Our vehicles are fully the latest technology like Bluetooth tapes for music and comfortable seats.

Best Rent a Car in Rawalpindi/Islamabad

Best Rent a Car in Rawalpindi/Islamabad is providing affordable rent with a car service and has an all-inclusive range of cars and luxury cars.

Quick Online Support

Our team is available 24/7. Often when you describe your issue in more detail, Capital Cabs can surface an appropriate help guide or else find the right contact information for your specific issue.

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